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The old man turns, a circle, and watches his death approach.

At that moment, what is the universe whispering?

It says something, I fear, beyond reproach.

Is there turn or trill to grace the old man’s sorrow,

Or fill his burning tears with grace?

Does he see a vortex flushing blood and ink

Out, out into the darkest place?

Spiral outward, now, for greater vision,

Spiral inward for greater force.

It is sunset; equations flow around us few.

Though not linked, we are inseparable, divine.

Take nine sticks and make the sign

Of aleph naught and cross

A bridge from you to you.

We thrive on larvae which twist in a woodwork of our making;

But only when the light refracts just so

Does anyone see ivory glinting in the sun—


[In a later post I will deconstruct the poem, most probably to its detriment]


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