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The following is a list of foods I love today, at the age of 44.  I can’t imagine the 10-year-old me even trying any of these foods, much less liking them.  But we grow up; our tastes change, and hardly a day goes by without me craving Marmite.  I mean, come on?  Isn’t that weird?  Please tell me I’m not crazy!

10. Fresh spinach


I didn’t really learn to enjoy salads all that much until I discovered that fresh spinach is infinitely tastier than lettuce.  As a kid, I think I tried spinach, in a can, like Popeye; the problem is, canned spinach is barely edible.  When you eat a fresh spinach salad, maybe with apples and a splash of bacon vinaigrette, you can only wonder: is this really the same plant as found in canned spinach?  Hard to believe.



9. Snails


I’ll be honest; I’ve only had snails (at most) 10 times in my life, and always in a fancy restaurant.  But they’re tasty.  They taste even better when you call them snails, since calling them escargot leaves a bit of a snooty aftertaste.



8.Soft-shelled crab



I first tried this in a Thai curry dish.  I still find the texture a bit strange, but overall I find the taste delectable.


7. Mushrooms



I’ve liked mushrooms for a long time, but can’t recall whether I tried them as a kid or not.  I think most Americans are first exposed to mushrooms as a topping on pizza, but I don’t really like mushrooms that way.  They invariably go straight from a can to the pizza.  Fresh mushrooms are better, and stuffed mushrooms may be the best of all.  As a bonus, there are many, many varieties, and they all taste different.


6. Mortadella


To my mind, mortadella is the king of sandwich meats.  It’s a bit like deli bologna, but more flavorful: it is marbled with pork fat, and often has pistachios and olives mixed in.  I might have liked this as a kid, but I never tried it.  I had never even heard of it.  I’d have to drive over a hour from where I live to find this today.


5. Runny eggs


Yolk freaks kids out.  But not me.  Over-easy is the way to go.  And when the Hollandaise in an Eggs Benedict runs together with the yolks…


4. Coffee


I guess I haven’t grown up entirely.  I don’t drink coffee, unless it’s cold with plenty of milk and sugar.  Sort of like a melted coffee ice cream.  My favorite way to have coffee is the way they serve it in the Vietnamese restaurants: over ice, with sweetened condensed milk.



3. Pomegranate juice


So bitter.  Yet so good somehow.  I don’t really know why I like it.


2. Stilton


The king of cheeses.  Radically strong flavor; almost hallucinogenic.  Not just for Wallace and Gromit anymore.


1. Marmite


What can I say?  Marmite, objectively, doesn’t taste all that great: it’s almost pure umami, like chewing on a bouillon cube.  And yet it is alluring for some unfathomable reason.  On bread, with butter, it is divine; mixed with honey and corn syrup, it is the ideal pizza sauce.  I can get Marmite (or its complex conjugate, Vegemite) where I live, but I don’t eat it all that often.  I may go 6 months without having any.  Then, on a random day…the 19th of February, say…I will start to crave it, and even start to blog about it.


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